What To Pack

  1. Clothing for changing temperatures - Check the weather forecast for when you will be visiting. Be sure to make note of the lows as well as the highs. Even in the summer, temperatures dip quickly in the evening and start cold in the mornings.
  2. Groceries - If you plan on eating in the cabin, pack food to prepare in the kitchen. We have a refrigerator and freezer, oven, and stove for you to use. We also have pots, pans, baking dishes, plates, bowls, and utensils. If you find you forgot some groceries, don't worry. Big Trees Market is 15 minutes away for all your typical grocery needs. Camp Connell General Store is just 3 minutes away for grabbing the basics.
  3. Coffee - If you're a coffee drinker, bring coffee with you! The house has a Keurig machine that takes disposable k-cups/coffee pods. It also has a re-usable filter pod that you can fill with ground coffee, if you prefer.
  4. Toiletries - Shampoo and toiletries should be brought from home. We do provide hand soap and liquid bath soap in the bathrooms. We recommend bringing sunblock and insect repellent as well. 
  5. Beach towels - While we do provide bath towels, we ask that they stay in the house and not be used at the lake or pools at Big Trees Village. 
  6. Snow accessories - If you visit during the winter or early spring, you may need chains or 4 wheel drive to access the roads. Please remember that we are at an elevation of 5000 feet and it isn't uncommon to have a heavy snow fall. You may also want to bring snow clothes and toys (like sleds) if you plan on being outdoors. We have lots of great hills around the neighborhood for sledding!
  7. Firewood - If you would like to enjoy the fireplace, you will need to bring your own firewood. You can pick some up at Big Trees Market or Camp Connell General Store.
  8. Laundry soap - If you'll be washing clothes in the cabin, bring liquid detergent or detergent pods/packs (no dry powder).
Things we do provide:
  1. Bed linens and plentiful blankets
  2. Bath linens
  3. Pots, pans and kitchen accessories (Check our kitchen inventory for details)
  4. Propane BBQ on the deck
  5. Internet access
  6. Toys for kids
  7. Board and card games

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