Snowshoe Lake Rules

While staying at The Nest at Big Trees, you will have access to the neighborhood's private lake. It is a lovely place  and we encourage you to visit, but please be aware of the rules set forth by the Snowshoe Springs HOA.

  1. Check in with the lake monitor - The lake monitor is present as a steward of the lake. They will have a sign-in book with them. The lake monitor is not a life guard, just a caretaker.
  2. No dogs are allowed - Even on leashes, no dogs are allowed at the lake or on the trails around it. The watershed drains into a public lake where people swim. It is a health hazard to have dog feces around the lake for this purpose.
  3. Fishing at the lake is for children under 13 years old only.
  4. No boats
  5. There is no lifeguard on duty, so swim at your own risk and please watch children closely.

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