Between guests, a professional housekeeping team from Ebbett's Pass Cleaning Service comes through the cabin. They clean, disinfect, wash, and change linens so that our guests are greeted with a space that is ready to enjoy. 100% of the cleaning fee that you are charged when you make your reservation goes to our housekeeping team.

If there is an extensive clean up needed (from a party, negligence, etc.) that goes beyond the typical work done between guests, the housekeeping crew will charge a $100+ fee for their work. This cost will be passed on to guests or (if applicable) taken from their security deposit.

We take the care and cleanliness of our cabin very seriously. However, we are not able to personally inspect the cabin between every guest. If you have any concerns about the cleanliness of The Nest at Big Trees during your stay, please contact us and let us know what wasn't satisfactory.

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