Policies and Notes

Cancellations due to conditions of nature:
Storms may cause unsafe conditions, such as excessive snow accumulation, downed trees, flood damage, etc. In warmer seasons, we may have unsafe conditions caused by forest fires. In such cases, we may need to cancel your reservation. We allow for as much notice as possible, but do not compromise when safety is involved. Thank you!

Guest Capacity:
While The Nest at Big Trees can technically accommodate 9+ guests, it is worth noting that the square footage of the cabin is <1200 sq. feet and it may not be comfortable with so many people in a small space. Please look at the detailed information on sleeping arrangements to best judge if your party will be comfortable in the space.

Due to multiple stairs inside and outside our cabin, we unfortunately can not recommend it to guests with mobility issues. If you have any specific questions about how accessible The Nest at Big Trees is in regards to specific issues and needs, please contact us.

Though we love animals, the property and neighborhood are not pet-friendly. Please, do not bring your pets to the cabin.

Internet and phones:
AT&T cell phone service doesn’t work at the cabin. Verizon does work. We also have a landline phone on top of the fridge you can use. We have internet service and you are welcome to connect to our wi-fi.

There are two smart tvs in the cabin (in the living room and the first floor bedroom). We do not have cable, but both tvs are equipped for streaming. We offer Netflix, Disney+, HBO Max, Hulu, and Prime.
We also have a dvd player in the living room. You are welcome to enjoy any of the movies from our dvd library during your stay.

The driveway is very steep! If there is snow or ice, you will need 4wd to get up. If there has been a lot of rain and the driveway is muddy, you may need 4wd. If you can not get to the top of the driveway, you may need to park at the bottom of the driveway (with your emergency brake on!) and walk up. Parking is uncovered and there is only space for two cars to park. Our neighborhood doesn’t allow any on-street parking and the streets are too narrow for it.

Deck and yard:
Feel free to use the barbecue and deck furniture, as weather allows. If there has been heavy snow, the deck furniture may not be accessible.

Guests with children:
As a family with six children ourselves, we know how important planning is for a successful family trip. We have designed our cabin to be as child-friendly as possible, but we have several considerations that we highly recommend families review. 
  1. The Nest at Big Trees has a big, old furnace vent in the floor on the ground level. It gets very hot when the furnace is on. If you have crawling babies, toddlers, or even preschoolers with you then this could be a problem. There is no way to safely block the vent from little hands and feet. 
  2. On the first floor, we have a rolling cart with glass serving dishes on it. We don't have the storage space needed for these items, so they are left out. If you have children that are too young to understand that they can't touch these items or the cart, this could be a problem.
  3. There are hazardous cleaning chemicals kept under the sink in the kitchen. 
  4. The landing at the top of the stairs on the second floor is blocked by horizontal boards that are climbable. A fall from this height would mean serious injury or death.
  5. There are three stories in the cabin. There are stairs from the first to second story and a ladder from the second to the third. Both the stairs and the ladder are inherently dangerous to young children. 
  6. The third floor loft is accessible only by ladder, which is a danger in of itself. The ladder access means that there is a hole in the floor of the third floor. Very young children should not be left in the loft unattended.
  7. The third floor loft is open to the living room area. There are horizontal boards that block the open space, but they are climbable and small children can fit between them. A fall from this height would mean serious injury or death. Very young children should not be left in the loft unattended.
  8. There are numerous natural hazards outside the cabin. There are stairs, downed trees and stumps that are often hidden under snow, wild animals, etc. Children should watched carefully outdoors and never left unattended.

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