Traveling and Covid19

Updated December 2020

Concern over traveling during the Covid19 health crisis are valid for both travelers and hosts right now. These are unprecedented times and the recommendations for how to proceed safely change constantly as experts learn more about transmission and best practices. We (the owners of The Nest at Big Trees) are very concerned about the virus and are proceeding cautiously with hosting guests as long as it seems like it can be done so safely.

Ways we are monitoring and working to keep virus transmission to a minimum:
  • The state of California has provided a guidance for short-term rentals that we carefully adhere to.

  • Our cancellation policy has been amended to allow for quick cancellations. Should you, someone in your travel party, or someone you've been in contact with, show Covid19 symptoms or test positive - please contact us as soon as you can. We will accommodate you in cancelling or rescheduling your stay.

  • Our housekeeping team has taken Covid-specific training and implemented an expanded cleaning/disinfecting routine on top of their usual one. Every interior surface is disinfected (including handrails, table tops, counters, and faucets) and all linens are washed in hot water.

  • Bed pillows are now zipped in water-proof, anti-microbial covers beneath their pillow cases. These are washed between guests. 

  • Cleaning products are provided to guests to use as they wish during their stay. 
Is there something we could be doing that would make you feel more comfortable while traveling? We would love to hear from you!

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